Have you ever wanted to be a professional in the securities and investment world and felt it is not possible because you were not ready to go through the rigors of taking the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers examination? You are not alone in this. as even the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers (CIS) have been thinking of people like you. So the Institute has agreed to work with you to achieve your dream of becoming a professional in the securities and Investment Business by coming out with the Certified professional category of membership. To be a member of the securities and investment community all you have to do is take the certificate exam in the field of your CHOICE . 

You can be a

Certified Fixed Income Professional,  

Certified Investment Management Advisor

 Certified Commodities and Derivatives Trader,

Certified Share Registration and Custodianship Professional 

Certified  Equity Securities  Dealer

The examination will kick off in March 2018 and registrations begin June 1, 2017

Benefits of the certification

It is easier and faster to complete therefore enabling new members  to come into the profession timely

The Institute will produce highly qualified personnel for the securities and investment industries

Certification will enable members specialize and become more proficient in their chosen field



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